Commercial Cleaning
Robots as a Service

We are experts in automating your cleaning process. We are the only company with decades of experience in both cleaning and mobile robots. Our unique RAAS (robots as a service) model allows you to see immediate quality, financial and operational benefits.  

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Site Surveys and Manufacturer Selections

Define applicable space to automate. Define process integration and work scheduling.
Quality and economic justification model.

Programming and Installation Services

On site and off site robot programming and set up. We are skilled in all the major brands and can maximize your installation.

Service and Support with parts included

No costly add on service contracts like traditional major equipment with expensive parts. We include the parts in your service.

24 x 7 Robot Monitoring and Reporting

To ensure your robot is at peak productivity we remotely monitor each vehicle and report its performance and key data metrics.

Why make a costly capital equipment investment in a single robot solution that is likely to change? Let us ensure you always have the best solution.

Our cleaning robot systems integration service monitors and reports major robotic developments to you and deploy leading edge technology to your facility under a simple monthly agreement.

The Coming Robot Tsunami

by Charles "Buck" Ward

Buck reviews the challenges industry pioneers faced 
and why there is a major paradigm shift now underway. 

Robot evangelism,
information and 
objective analysis.


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