Choosing a Commercial
Cleaning Robot

From The Best Manufacturers in the World,
Backed by our Decades of Experience.

"The Right Robot for the Right Application." It’s about the process as much as it is the product.

To successfully implement a cleaning robot the correct application must be matched with the right technology. Launched in 1985, there is today no other company in the world with more experience in deploying cleaning robots than Cyberclean Systems. Let us put our experience to work for you. 

Robot Rentals

For companies with short term contracts or limited budgets. These cleaning robots are available through Cyberclean as a monthly rental together with all the training you need to automate your task.

Robot Sales

Chosen by companies  preferring to own the asset and deploy the cleaning robot as a capital equipment purchase. We help you choose the correct manufacturer for your application and train your staff.


Exploring automation? Are you trying to determine return on investment, or cost savings projections for your application? Trying to compare robot productivity with human productivity? We can help.

Robot Services

Want the advantage of using a robot but prefer to hire contractors where you can take advantage of the increase in quality and consistency and cost reductions that robots offer? We are the right choice.

The Coming Robot Tsunami

By Charles ("Buck") W. Ward  

Buck reviews the challenges industry pioneers faced
and why there is a major paradigm shift now underway. 


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